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Contextual Sentiment Engine

Measuring sentiment accurately in complex financial documents is a tricky business. Take our technology for a spin and explore the possibilities that human level sentiment and classification can provide.

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Accrete's Contextual Engine

Off-the-shelf solutions are easy to use, but produce outputs that are woefully inadequate for real-world business problems. Accrete's financial sentiment engine approaches expert human level accuracy because it understands the context of language just like a human. Our sentiment engine powers many of Accrete's products and due to its modularity, can transform how you analyze unstructured financial data as well. Our Contextual Engine has more than 96% accuracy compared to Expert Human Level Error for sentiment classification and quantification.


bag of words approach


custom model


Get your financial dataset ready in 3 simple steps

Use documents such as earnings call transcripts, corporate filings, research notes, financial blogs, social media or your own financial dataset.


Put our model to the test.


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Contact us and subscribe to Accrete's financial sentiment API function as a service. Enhance your financial NLP pipeline with a more accurate contextual sentiment analysis engine. Lets Talk