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Equity Researcher

Location: New York

Job Description

Accrete is looking for analysts to assist in the training of machines to industry - and company specific ontologies. This position involves two primary elements – research and validation. Our research will focus on developing key concepts for companies across different industries and identify new businesses for inclusion. Validation will involve making sure that the machine outputs match the intent of the submitted ontology.

About Us

Most of the world’s digital information was created in the last few years with the vast majority of that information being unstructured in the form of text, tweets, videos, images, blogs, etc. The rate of growth of digital information vastly exceeds our biological processing abilities. The consequence for investors is that it’s becoming harder to make sense of the factors that drive financial markets. Acting upon partial understanding of vast quantities of information (i.e., heuristics) infuses investment decisions with cognitive biases. In order to beat markets and make money, humans need to augment their reasoning capacity, consider the relevance of more information, and make bias-free decisions.

At Accrete.AI, our vision is to help investors generate alpha, or excess returns, by training machines to think in the language of the markets. We leverage deep learning and Machine Augmented Collective Intelligence (MACI) to train machines to reason and learn so they can help human investors make better investment decisions.

Postion Criteria:

  • Seeking an analyst with at least two years of experience in either the buy-side or sell-side
  • Preferably a generalist who has a good grasp of most industries and understands important concepts and drivers that affect them
  • Knowledge of financial statements (Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement, Balance Sheet)
  • Understanding of financial instruments (Equities, Bonds, some knowledge of derivatives)
  • Comprehension of securities industry and investment funds (hedge funds, private equity)
  • Firm understanding of financial modeling (DCF, LBO, DDM, etc.)

How to apply